Cracked Heels Can Be Cured By Beautifying It

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Suffering from crack heel but could not find a permanent and effective solution to the same? Tried applying all the chemically stuffed products available in the market that claims to cure your feet but you could not stand the smell? Well, what if we tell you that there is a very natural and a beautiful way of ensuring good health of your feet present there in your very customs? Yes, you guessed it right! Alta is the answer to all your questions. Now the question arises as in “what is alta?”.

Cracked Heels Can Be Cured By Beautifying It | Alta | Keya Seth


What is Alta?

Alta, a red dye used by women of many communities in India to decorate their palms and feet, is said to have originated from Persia and was ever since used by dancers. These easy to remove and attractive red-colored dye makes sense for the dancers to use them during their performances. However, communities such as Bengali, Odissi and Bihari have it ingrained in their cultures. Hindu Upanishads holds evidences which define the importance of Alta in the community. Alta is one of the 16 Bridal Adornments also known as Solah Singar. The images of hindu deities such as Durga are also said to have palms and feet adorned with this red colored dye as it signifies fertility, purity and prosperity.

Cracked Heels Can Be Cured By Beautifying It | Alta | Keya Seth


Alta and its many benefits

Apart from its importance as a signifier of a tradition or a community, alta also serves the purpose of ensuring good health while at the same time beautifying the very palms and feet of oneself. The application of alta does not only ensure the beautify of a foot or a palm but it also produces a cooling effect on the body while at the same time preventing crack heels.

Cracked Heels Can Be Cured By Beautifying It | Alta | Keya Seth


What is it made of?

Traditionally made out of betel leaves and later replaced by vermillion, it is now said to be produced by using lac and other chemical colors which can lead to many health issues. But the application of alta is supposed to be healthy, is not it? The answer is yes! But only as long as you use a naturally produced alta. Now, you must be thinking how on earth one can get anything natural in this age. Well, you definitely can if you search for ayurvedic alta online in India. Keya Seth’s liquid alta is the best alta online in India. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects. The trusted name of the company is just another add-on on the same. So this wedding season flaunt your beautifully decorated hands and palms by shopping the best alta online.


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