Everthing that is Red is not necessarily Sindoor

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In this digital age who takes the effort of going down to the market to get the best quality sindoor? But recently you bought a powder sindoor online and it turned out to be allergic to your skin? Before we delve more into this let’s first know what is sindoor after all.

Everthing that is Red is not necessarily Sindoor | Keya Seth

What is “Sindoor”?

“Sindoor” is a very common, natural and quintessential signifier of a Hindu community. Though often associated with the married status of a Hindu woman, sindoor is used for other rituals as well. Hindu community uses sindoor as a symbolic component signifying the auspiciousness and goodness of an event. Generally, used by Hindu women at the parting of hair or applied as a bindi on a forehead, sindoor is also used in different rituals for worshipping lord and deities in Hinduism.

Everthing that is Red is not necessarily Sindoor | Keya Seth

Sindoor is made up off?

Considering the significance and the relevance of sindoor in a Hindu community, it becomes rather important to ensure the quality of the same.  Traditionally made up of turmeric and alum or lime, or other herbal ingredients, modern components of sindoor consist of vermilion, the purified and powdered form of cinnabar, which is the chief form in which mercury sulfide, occurs naturally. While red lead is another toxic chemical used in the production of sindoor these days.   

Everthing that is Red is not necessarily Sindoor | Keya Seth

Is these modern sindoor safe at all?

The presence of these potent chemicals in sindoor these days increases the risk of oneself suffering from rashes, itching, hair loss, dandruff, including as serious a problem as hereditary disorders and skin cancer.

After coming across the harmful effects of modern day sindoor, we are sure you are now looking for chemical free sindoor online. However, looking for mercury free sindoor online is not going to serve your cause. One has to look for herbal sindoor online such as liquid sindoor magenta and sindoor dust by Keya Seth. It is a chemical and mercury free sindoor, enriched with herbal color, extract of flower and minerals and is made up of harmless, natural ingredients. Further, it is a non-allergic sindoor which unlike other sindoor consisting of different toxic chemicals, does not increase hairfall.


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