Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin after you sleep?

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Often than not you must have been recommended a night cream at some point of life. Have you ever thought what makes them recommend using anything on your skin at night? There is a reason why people refer to sleeping at night as “beauty sleep” because that’s when our skin naturally repairs and regenerates itself. The hours we spend sleeping are the most constructive as that's when the metabolic activity of the skin’s cell is at its peak. According to circadian rhythms, our mind and body switch into an active regeneration mode at night. It repairs and boosts the production of substances that protects and renew the skin.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin after you sleep?

Now you must be thinking why am I telling you all these now? The reason is that I have been through the same. I have had people recommend me to use thousands of different products that were supposed to help my skin feel repaired and rejuvenated, and I fell for that. However, I am not the only one who had to go through this. There are millions of people going through the same.

With suggestions coming your way often than not you end up guessing, "what if it works?" Next moment you know, you are using one of the expensive night creams that the market has to offer. However, I have a questioning mind. I was not falling for a direction solely because it came from a friend. I did my bit of research. During my research, I was surprised to discover that the market is flooding with thousands of product each claiming to be the best night cream for your skin.

How do you sift from so many products when so little sound and unbiased information is available? Some women find it so difficult to choose between the myriad choices of ingredients and formulations that they eventually opt to sleep bare face instead.

Do we want to miss out on the benefits of using a night cream only because of our lack of knowledge about it? The response would be a no.

We need to recognise that for any cream to work it necessitates the inclusion of active ingredients in a sufficient concentration such as essential oil. These ingredients are only useful when they penetrate the skin and remain there for a longer duration.

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