Let Your Mother Flaunt Her Heels

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Remember the last time you bought a nice pair of heeled sandals for your mum? Although you do not remember seeing her wearing it even for once. Did you ever question why wouldn't she wear it while she seemed to like it at first? Have you not heard your mum whine about her feet? Have you ever noticed the feet of your mum? We usually tend to overlook the fact that our mums are so busy taking care of us that they often ignore their problems.

Cracked heels emerge from dry skin and usually co-occur with thickened skin beside occasional yellow or brown calluses encompassing the heel edge. Customarily linked with appearance, cracked heels can cause discomfort leading to pain and eventual bleeding if the cracks get infected. In such instances, we tend to lean towards all the chemically stuffed products available in the market that claims to cure our feet. However, these cosmetic products will not help you attain a lasting and effective solution to the same. Further, mums would never like it if you spend a bulk of the amount of money on their skin care products.

Do not worry! We can help you find an efficient and affordable cracked heel solution. Further, it is a surprisingly natural and a beautiful way of ensuring good health of your feet present there in our very customs.

Alta is easy to remove and attractive red-coloured dye used by women of many communities in India to decorate their palms and feet. However, societies such as Bengali, Odissi and Bihari have it inherent in their cultures. One of the 16 Bridal Adornments also known as Solah Singar, Alta signifies fertility, purity and prosperity. Besides its usefulness as a signifier of a culture or a community, Alta further serves the purpose of assuring good health while at the same time beautifying the palms and feet of oneself. The application of Alta does not only ensure the beauty of a foot or a palm, but it also produces a cooling effect on the body while at the same time preventing crack heels.

Traditionally produced from betel leaves and later superseded by Vermillion, it is presently made out of lac plus additional chemical colours which can lead to numerous health issues. Yet naturally produced Alta can do wonders for you. Now, you must be contemplating how on earth can someone get anything natural in this era. Well, you unquestionably can, if you search for ayurvedic Alta online in India.

One of the best ayurvedic Alta in India, Keya Seth’s ayurvedic liquid Alta is made up of 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects. The trusted name of the company is just another add-on on the same.

This mother’s day present your mother a gift for a lifetime. This liquid Alta by Keya Seth will not simply embellish your mother’s feet, but it will further soothe her cracked heels. Alta by Keya Seth is one solution for your mum's cracked heels.


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