Premature Skin Ageing Should Bother You

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Recently you have started noticing fine lines around the corner of your eyes and around the other parts of your face? You were not really concerned about it unless someone mentioned that these are the initial signs of aging? But you are just 25, should it really bother you?

Though skin aging is a natural phenomenon yet the difference in our genetics and our lifestyle plays a vital role in determining when our skin starts aging. Further, early skin aging can undermine ones confidence. Thus, paying attention to the early signs of aging becomes quintessential in having an ever radiant and younger looking skin.

Premature Skin Ageing Should Bother You | Stopage | Keya Seth

What causes our skin to age prematurely?

There are two types of skin ageing namely, “intrinsic ageing” ageing caused by the formation of our genes and “extrinsic ageing” which is the result of our environment and lifestyle choices. Further, ultraviolet radiations are responsible for speeding the natural process of ageing. Age, repeated facial expression combined with other unhealthy activities such as smoking and drinking also contribute to premature skin ageing.

Premature Skin Ageing Should Bother You | Stopage | Keya Seth

How can one prevent premature skin ageing?

However, considering the fact that skin ageing is a serious and rather complicated phenomenon to deal with, one has to make sure that one understands the effects that the heavily concentrated chemicals present in the anti-ageing cream for men and women available in the market can have on one’s skin.

This is where Stopage Age Reversal complex by Keya Seth comes into play. A combination of both Aromatherapy and Ayurveda, Stopage Age Reversal Complex, the best anti-ageing cream in India with its pure and absolute essential oils of lemon, orange, marjoram, ylang ylang, patchouli and extracts of amla, green tea, gulancha carrot in a cream base ensures the healthy glow of the skin while also reversing the fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin tone.

This age reversal product by Keya Seth is the best age reversal cream online at the moment as it combines the traditional ayurvedic formulas including a potent mixture of plant ingredients that are scientifically proven to have age arresting properties.


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