Skin Serum is what you need

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You have been using a number of a beauty product but a skin whitening serum? Why on earth should you use a serum on your face? Aren’t they meant for your hair? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one having this dilemma. We all had these questions at least once in a lifetime.
However, what if I tell you that I can help you resolve your confusion? Skin serums are nothing but a base for your skin before you apply any make. Made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients these skin serums works wonder as a base for the same. Somewhat less concentrated than general moisturizers accessible in stores, the active ingredients in these serums help retain the moisture of the skin, keeping it hydrated all day long.
Skin Serum is what you need | Tetra Skin Whitening Serum
Further, you must have come across the terms “water-based serums” and “oil-based serums” which did nothing but added to your bewilderment. You were struggling with the meaning of serums itself, and now you have two words sub defining it.
However, you need not worry. I have got your back. Water-based serums as the name suggest are water-based. The tiny molecules in these serums can quickly seep inside the skin. You are to use them essentially as a base on the skin before applying a cream. These serums are meant to nourish your inner skin. Whereas, oil-based serums have bigger molecules and are used atop of your cream to secure the moisturizing component of the same during the day.
Now that you know what a skin serum is, I’m sure you must be Google searching the best skin serum in India. From the plethora of products, how do you think you are going to find that one skin serum that is best suited for your skin? Further, most skin serums available in the market are nothing but face oils marketed as serums. Along with that, the effects that these highly concentrated products can have on your skin are worth giving a thought.
Skin Serum is what you need | Tetra Skin Whitening Serum | Keya Seth
Think no more. I have been through the same. Although, I would still suggest you research on your own just for confirmation. But as per my suggestion, go for the genuine natural skin serum that the market has to offer. Tetra Skin Whitening Serum is one of the best skin whitening serum for men/women in India. I would recommend that you try it for yourself.
The replenishing properties of this serum helps in locking the moisture of your skin efficiently. It further, reduces acute pigmentation leaving you with a lustrous hydrated skin. It also does wonders for erasing all dark spots and blemishes. The essential oils present in this serum nourishes the skin from within which in turn ensures the health of your skin.


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