Stay Safe with Ankush

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Stay Safe with Ankush


You might or might not have already used Ankush in your daily life as a regular antiseptic, to treat summer time skin problems, or for minor cuts, burns and allergies. Even if you use Ankush regularly at your home, you might not be aware about all the benefits and usage of this ayurvedic formula. This completely natural ayurvedic antiseptic is called one of its kind because of its multiple benefits without side effects.

As it contains ingredients like Neem, Tusli, Haridra & Kur ,all of which have proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it can be used in many ways to stay safe from infection causing microbes including viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Ankush antiseptic can be rubbed on your hands frequently in order to keep them free from germs. Just pour a little of the liquid on your palms as shown below and rub them on all the surfaces properly until absorbed. Ankush antiseptic has a natural soothing smell that goes off naturally in sometime and will not only kill the existing germs on your hands but also prevent further contamination to some extent.  It does not dry out the skin like alcohol and can be your continuous companion to stay safe.



How to use Ankush to clean hands

Let us take a quick look at the ingredients of Ankush Antiseptic that makes it naturally effective to kill viruses, bacteria and microbes.

Ankush contains,



Neem - Kills germs and Bacteria. Neem leaves have proven antiviral properties. It is an effective prevention against viral infections.  

Tulsi - Has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity effective against a range of human pathogens. Is scientifically proven as an effective hand sanitizer

HaridraA natural anti-viral, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory.

Kur -  Known for promising antimicrobial activities against different bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.                                                                                                                  

Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender EO has notable antibacterial activity. It works against respiratory tract infection causing microbes. Fights pathogens related to dermatological diseases. It is soothing & healing for the skin.  

Rose Essential Oil - Contains high level of phenolic compounds and demonstrates strong antibacterial activity. Soothes, softens & heals skin.

Moreover, wiping off the surfaces touched frequently, like the desk, computer table, keyboard, mouse at least twice a day with raw Ankush can be effective to keep them free from germs.


How to use Ankush, Stay Safe wiith Ankush


Ankush is safe to use for children and babies as well. So, apart from using ankush to treat nappy rashes you can also use it in the bathing water of your child for extra protection from germs. Ankush Antiseptic comes with a bunch of natural goodness and no side effects. So, #staysafewithankush.    

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