Your Hair Demands Your Attention

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You saw a few strands of hair on your hairbrush today, a little more of it on your bathroom floor. But does it really matter? I mean, is not it normal to shed 50 to a 100 strands of hair each day out of 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles? It is, unless you start recognizing an unusual rate of hair loss everyday which leads to hair thinning and ultimately to baldness. Further, the kind of hectic lives that we live, we are prone to hair loss at an early stage of our life. It is for this reason that men at their early twenties are suffering from pre-mature baldness as compared to the men in the olden days who would proudly show off their full crop of hair even as late an age as forties. Men working in the IT sectors are said to be at the radar owing to their higher exposal to mental stress as is noted, that our body generally sheds hair after a gap of three months once it gets exposed to higher level of mental or physical stress. Whereas, women working at the sector that exposes them to higher level of mental and physical stress which makes their bodies secrete higher level of DHT (hair fall causing chemical) by producing more androgens, are also believed to suffer from hair loss at a very early stage.

We are sure that after reading this, suddenly you feel that you are losing more hair than you usually do. After you realize this, the next thing you do is Google search for the best hair fall solution. But the problem is there are plenty number of products out there in the market offering a large number of hair serum in India, each catering to a certain need. How will you determine which one is suitable for you? For that first you need to understand the plausible reason behind your hair loss.

Your Hair Demands Your Attention | Hair Fall Solution | Keya Seth

Pattern hair loss:

Typically there are four common types of Hair loss such as, male-pattern hair loss which is caused by a combination of genetics and male hormones, female pattern hair loss is caused by a multiple reason which includes poor diet, pollution, emotional or physical stress and so, whereas, the cause of alopecia areata is autoimmune and telogen effluvium is the result of a physically or psychologically stressful event. However, according to certain studies androgenic alocepia is the most common cause of hair loss amongst both men and women. A person in his teens can suffer alike as the person of the age of 50, although the risk of having androgenic alocepia increases with age and can lead to alopecia totalis.

Your Hair Demands Your Attention | Hair Fall Solution | Keya Seth


Androgenetic alopecia takes place due to a genetically determined shortening of a hair’s growing phase and lengthening of the time between shedding of hair and starting a new anagen phase. Whereas, there can be many other causes of hair fall such as pollution, stress, drugs, infections and so.

Your Hair Demands Your Attention | Hair Fall Solution | Keya Seth


There are number of hair fall treatment including hair transplantation and other surgeries. However, the best and the most economical way are to start using the essential oil for hair. There are a number of essential hair oil products in India but the dedicated team of experts here at Keya Seth recommends Alopex Penta as it helps in restoring hair growth by preventing hair loss. The components such as cysteine helps detangle freeze hair and is used for hair strengthening as well. Other component such as biotin, tannic acid, methionine and arginine gives you the best hair fall solution that you are looking for. Alopex Penta is one of the best serums for hair loss in India that you can get online. It is one of the most recommended hair fall solution by experts in the country.

Before you choose to buy hair oil or serum online in India, you need to make sure you understand your hair type and the reasons behind your hair fall so as to ensure that you select the most suitable and the best product for your hair type.


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