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Heel Healing Lotion, for Softens Hydrates Dry Feet, Moisturizes & Repairs Cracked Heel Enriched with Tea Tree Oil & Glycerin

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35 ml

It contains castor oil, chaulmoogra oil, aloe vera, glycerine and pure essential oils of tea-tree, basil, rosemary, chamomile and carrot seed. It also has extracts of curd. Enriched with pure aromatic oil and curd, this natural moisturizing lotion addresses problems of chapped feet and allied heel related problems. Curd softens the thick skin of the heel and aromatic oil nourishes skin as it penetrates deep into the skin. Regular use ofthe lotion permanently solves the problem of cracked feet.

How to Use:

Every night before going to bed wash feet in tepid water and dry them with a towel. Pour the lotion in cotton pad and apply on the cracked and other infected portions of your feet.