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Neem Wooden Comb Wide Tooth for Hair Growth for Men & Women All Purpose Large Size Perfect Hair Setter.

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Why use plastic combs on your hair when you have an environment-friendly a healthier alternative? Keya Seth hand-carved comb is made of Neem wood, so it does not produce any static electricity, thus preventing loose hair loss due to attraction.  

Neem is known as a medicinal plant for its immense health benefits. Neem is a recognized antibacterial and germicide; No insects or bacteria ever come close to neem products. Regular Combing the hair intensely with this wooden comb massages the scalp and helps clean the surface of dirt, dead skin, and dandruff. Benefits such as reduced hair fall are also claimed. These combs are handcrafted so that the points are not too sharp, and you can get an excellent stimulating effect as the comb teeth glide over your scalp. Gently press against the scalp and comb as usual. 

 It is a good practice to comb more often, as this stimulates the scalp cells and keeps them disinfected. This comb sustains hair health, reduces hair fall, and removes dandruff. This Neem wood comb also helps to regrowth hair. The use of a fine-quality comb made of natural material is beneficial. With its smooth teeth, it is perfect for massaging the scalp.



  • Keya Seth hand-carved comb is made of Neem wood Wide Tooth for Hair Growth for Men & Women. 
  • Organic Neem Wooden Comb with handle massage scalp, stimulate. 
  • Reduces hair fall, removes dandruff and itchy scalp problems. 
  • Combing with a wooden comb nourishes hair and improves blood circulation in the head. 
  • Improves Blood Circulation and Leads to a Healthy Scalp.