Orange Essential Skin Care Combo I Scrub,Toner,Moisturiser,Lip Jelly & Body Oil

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Orange for skin care in winter


The tinge of chill in the morning air has already announced arrival of the Winter, while you might not need to take out your heavy woolens right now, it is time that you start taking the extra care for your skin because even this transiting weather can reap off moisture from your skin, turning it dry & flaky.

So, what you should do to perfect your winter skin care routine? Keep in mind, when it comes to skin care, always keep it simple. Just choose the right products & follow the right regime daily & enjoy the season.

Do you know, Orange – the fruit which adds a lively vibe to winter itself, can add life to your skin too & keep all the winter skin woes at bay? While the fresh aroma of orange oil can refresh your mind instantly, the essential vitamins in it will nourish & protect your skin.

We all are quite aware about the orange peel powder benefits. Using orange peel powder for face pack is something that we all have done some time or other.   Use of orange peel & orange peel powder in DIY homemade skin care is a favourite of all. But do you know what makes orange peel powder & the orange peel itself so effective in skin care?


What makes Oranges really special?

Skin benefits of Orange


It is the essential oil in orange that gives the orange peel miraculous skin friendly benefits. Benefits of orange essential oil for skin includes,   

  • Soothes dry, rough & irritated skin, makes skin soft, smooth & healthy
  • Improves absorption of antioxidants in skin, thus works as a natural anti-aging agent
  • strengthens natural skin defence, keeps minor skin problems at bay
  • Boosts collagen production in skin, prevents wrinkles & fine lines
  • Brightens skin tone, helps in complete skin rejuvenation
  • Promotes blood flow in skin & thus works as an excellent massage oil when added with a carrier oil
  • Prevents & helps to treat acne, rashes & minor skin infections

Orange peel is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is known for its skin brightening & anti-ageing properties. Moreover, the pleasant aroma of orange oil is refreshing for the mind & ideal to make your winter days vibrant.

So, now that you know the benefits your skin can reap from orange, are you planning to start saving all the Orange peels this winter? Well we all do that, at least try to do that, but in most of the cases, preserving the orange peels properly does not come that easy.

Keeping the huge benefits of Orange for skin in mind & to make Orange Skin Care simple for you, Keya Seth Aromatherapy has launched the Orange Range, which includes – Orange Cream, Orange Body Oil, Orange Skin Eraser & Orange Skin Hydrating Toner. Let us take a quick look at the range,  

 Orange Range

Skin Defence Orange Cream:

This non-sticky but rich cream is ideal to quench the moisture thirst of skin in winter. Along with pure orange essential oil the Orange cream also contains Frankincense essential oil & the oil from the seeds of black grapes to ensure maximum nourishment & care for the skin. 

Orange cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth & supple. It has a nice natural fragrance that comes from the essential oils in it. Regular use of orange cream heals dry spots, cures flaky skin & helps to lighten blemishes promoting brighter skin tone. It also protects skin from acne.  

This cream can be used for oily as well as dry skin in winter, twice a day or as needed, just do not forget to clean the face & use the alcohol free, Hydrating toner before.      

Skin Defence Orange Body Oil:

 Skin Defence Orange Body Oil by Keya Seth Aromatherapy


Orange Body Oil has been designed to make sure that your skin gets the nourishment & benefits of orange throughout the year without worrying about preserving the orange peels. This non-sticky body oil is produced from Oranges grown organically in different villages of North Bengal. Orange Body Oil is a daily use body oil & is ideal for winter. It also doubles as a massage oil & can be used as a baby oil too.

Skin Defence Orange Body Oil not only soothes dry, rough skin & makes it soft but also adds natural glow & brightness to the skin. The oil is quickly absorbed in the skin & keeps the skin hydrated for hours. The protective property of Orange oil also keeps skin rashes, minor irritation, itching at bay.

Use it at least once a day, after bath & if needed, use again at night. It is completely non sticky & is absorbed immediately in skin, so it won’t make your clothes or bed dirty. Applying the Orange Oil at night will ensure that your skin gets the optimal nourishment for repairing during your rest- time.

Skin Hydrating Orange Toner:

 Skin Hydrating Orange Toner & Scrub by Keya Seth Aromatherapy


Your skin care regime is never complete without a toner & to imbue the benefits of Orange in your daily skin care the Skin Hydrating Orange Toner has been launched.

This toner is completely free from alcohol & contains pure orange essential oil in aqua base. It hydrates, nourishes & tones skin at one go, making a perfect pre-care before using a cream or moisturizer. Use orange toner along with the Orange Cream to get maximum benefits.

Orange Skin Eraser:

Proper & regular exfoliation is important for healthy skin. Orange Skin Eraser softly slaughters away the dead skin cells from the skin surface without making it dry or reaping off essential moisture.

The orange essential oil in this scrubber helps to keep the skin free from minor infections & prevents the problem of ingrown hair when used regularly after shaving or waxing.   

    what is aromatherapy

    You must have already heard or read the term “Aromatherapy”, somewhere, somehow but most probably you have not paid much attention to it in the belief that it is just another type of super hyped herbal thing, new in the market. However, it is time to change your views & to pay full attention to know why the beauty as well as the holistic healing world is going head-over-heels for Aromatherapy.

    essential oils in Egyptian history

    Aromatherapy is a form of complementary therapy that has been used for aesthetics & healing in more or less all the advanced ancient cultures. Starting from the Egyptians, Chinese to the ancient Indian civilizations, Aromatherapy has always been a part of the natural healing & rejuvenation processes.

    aromatherapy in ancient India

    While orthodox history has traced back the first use of Aromatherapy during the ancient Egyptian civilization, some 5300 years back, a well recorded mention of it can be found in the Indian mythological classic Ramayana; the aroma of the “Sanjivani Booti” was used to awaken Lakshmana who was severely injured in the epic battle with Meghnadh, the son of Ravana.  

    Aromatherapy – what it is

    what is aromatherapy

    The term “Aromatherapy” literally means the use of aroma or essence as a therapy. It involves the use of aromatic essential oils for aesthetic & therapeutic purposes promoting an overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy can be strictly distinguished from Ayurveda & Herbalism as it involves only the use of essential oils or the “life oils” of aromatic plants extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark & other parts of the plant.

    why aromatherapy

    Interestingly, essential oils are 50 to 70 times more potent therapeutically compared to the herbs & plants from which they are extracted. So, when it comes to aromatherapy based cosmetics or therapeutics you are sure to get way better results compared to the herbal or ayurvedic products, crowding the stores.

    what is aromatherapy

    The small molecular size & high lipid solubility of the essential oils promote quick penetration & absorption of the oil in the body, when applied topically. When inhaled, the vaporized molecules of essential oil travels to the olfactory cells present on the roof of the nose & from there directly to the brain, which then triggers the pituitary gland for specific hormone secretion according to the particular aroma registered. This whole process takes not more than a fraction of second. According to noted aromatherapy researchers the oil or its effects reach every cell in the body within 5 minutes of application or inhalation. Hence, the effects are almost instantaneous.     

    Why Aromatherapy?

    why aromatherapy

    Medical science has evolved remarkably over time. Now, there is a medicine or treatment for almost all the ailments. However, this development in the field of medical sciences has not really reduced the number of patients suffering from different physical & mental diseases. Moreover, the side effects of even the best-known drugs are not really encouraging. This is the reason the natural holistic treatments are becoming quickly popular across the world.

    how aromatherapy works

    Aromatherapy as a holistic approach for cure & rejuvenation has always been noted for its high effectiveness. As the therapy uses potent essential oils derived from aromatic plants & herbs it has no negative side effects. It works efficiently & almost instantly on physical as well as psychological level promoting overall wellbeing. In the subtle level, essential oils are also believed to have the power to cleanse the aura or chakras, thus rebalancing the energy system promoting good health.   

    how aromatherapy works

    However, all essential oils are not created the same, & most of the aromatic oils currently available in the market are over processed, de-natured & of perfume quality. Hence, the effectiveness of such oils surely comes under question.  Only the most concentrated & purest form of essential oils, extracted through sophisticated processes ensuring no change in their natural complex structure or suppression of their natural effectiveness, delivers the expected results. 

    Keya Seth Aromatherapy – the trusted name

    Every Aromatherapy product from our brand boast of the purest blend of essential oils extracted through highly sophisticated processes to ensure the best quality & maximum potency. So, be it regular skin or hair care, stopping the signs of aging or solving chronic health problems like, cold & cough or insomnia, you can trust our products to deliver the best results.

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