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Skin Damage Control Cream + Serum – Repairs Skin Damage Sun Tan & Pollution, Fights Dullness, Uneven Skin Tone with Papaya Extract & Natural Goodness of Jojoba & Frankincense Essential Oil.

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Key Ingredients: Essential oils of frankincense, grape seed oil, jojoba oil & papaya extracts

An aromatherapy based, effective solution for skin damage control

Moisturizing, light weight formula enriched with essential oils

Controls &repairs skin damage caused by harmful environmental factors

In the dry, rough weather of winter even oily skin infested with pimples or rash turn dry but no cream can be used. This oil-free cream is suitable for the damage control of such skin.

Promotes natural skin cell turnover rate, fights dullness & uneven skin tone, aromatic serum enhances effectiveness

Nourishing, hypoallergenic formula, suitable for all skin types

How to Use:

Face, neck and other areas of the body that turn dry in winter, can be lightly massaged with this 'Skin Damage Control Cream'. For best results use it once after bath and once before going to bed.

Take 1-2gm of the cream on your clean palm. Add 1-2 drops of the aromatic serum to the cream, mix well. Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night. Massage lightly, in circular motion. Feel the difference with regular use.

Product Description

A perfect daily use formula enriched with frankincenseessential oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil & papaya extract for nourished, soft & healthy skin that can fight harmful effects of environmental agents with ease retaining its natural brightness.

Perfect Addition to your regular Beauty Regime

Daily skin care is more important than ‘once in a blue moon’ parlor treatment. Hence Keya Seth has brought to you daily skin care products that offer benefits of expensive treatments at home.  Aromatic Skin Damage Control Cream makes a perfect addition to your daily skin care regime for every season. It provides deep hydration, protects from environmental stress& keeps skin healthy.