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Skin Eraser Liquid Orange Scrub Skin Exfoliator Dead Skin Remover & Revitalizes Enriched with Retha, Oatmeal & Vitamin C

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Key Ingredients: Orange peel, ritha, oatmeal, neem, rose & Aloe Vera in liquid base

A natural skin exfoliator in liquid form for regular use

Gently exfoliates dead cells without drying out the skin

Keeps skin soft, smooth,lightens & brightens skin tone

Rose & Aloe Vera nourishes skin, free from harmful chemicals

Helps in maintaining the natural pH of skin

It contains orange peel, Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Oatmeal, Neem (Azadirachta indica), Rose and Aloe vera. This scrubber removes the dead cells from the surface of skin and nourishes the new cells. Skin looks mark free, lively and glowing. This easy-to-use liquid scrubber helps in repairing the damage caused by pigmentation, sunburn and freckles.


According to the skin type use it once every day while bathing and according to requirement use Neem, Rose, Orange or Lavender water for toning your skin. Scrub your face, neck & body gently with the liquid scrub, leave on for a minute & then wash off with plain water.

Product Description

A gentle liquid exfoliator enriched with orange peel, neem, oatmeal, rose & Aloe Vera for removingdead skin cells, uncovering the natural fairer complexion & promoting the natural skin renewal process.

Renew your skin with care

Getting rid of the dead skin cells from the skin surface is vital to boost the natural renewal process of skin & the Orange skin eraser liquid scrub does just that for you, without harming the underlying healthy skin cells or reaping off the necessary skin nutrients. Orange peel removes the dead skin cells gently from the surface of the skin while oatmeal, rose & Aloe Vera nourishes the skin. This exfoliator removes skin impurities from deep within, clears skin pores, erases marks & spots, uncovers natural skin brightness & makes skin softer & brighter.

Aperfect addition to your regular skin care

Skin exfoliator plays a crucial role in your regular skin care regimen. At one hand it removes all the skin impurities & pollutants sticking to your skin, at the other it clears out the skin pores & helps the skin to breathe, making it healthy, smooth& clear naturally. Skin Eraser Liquid Scrub Orangehas been formulated with completely natural ingredients to serve the best purposes of skin exfoliation without drying out the skin or leaving any side effects. This scrub removes the dead skin cells efficiently thus promoting the natural cell renewal process. It smooths out the skin, reveals the natural fairer complexion&ensures better absorption of topical skin treatments.