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Blog 44: Complete makeup range from Touches of Keya Seth

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Hiding the imperfections of your skin should not be the only responsibility of your makeup; it should also help in improving your skin with regular use.  If you think your makeup is not able to provide both the benefits, it’s time to change. 

Touches of Keya Seth has launched a complete range of makeup, enriched with botanical extracts that not only gives you a flawless look but also help in diminishing skin imperfections with regular application. So, now you can do your makeup without worrying for your skin. Let’s take a quick look at the makeup range,

Aromatic Pan Cake

makeup by keya seth

The new improved Pan Cake from Touches of Keya Seth is intended for professional body makeup. This one of its kind product is an ideal go to option to make sure that the texture & tone of the skin of your body is as perfect as your face. Though the product is specially intended for body makeup, it can also be used on face as a base for a heavy makeup look. The Pan Cake is enriched with Calendula, Sandalwood & effective natural moisturizers that soothe the skin while giving it a nice finish.

 Aromatic Pan Stick  

makeup by keya seth

A full coverage cream based foundation that can efficiently work as a foundation as well as a concealer. It blends easily on the skin & gives an even & smooth finish. The Pan stick has its natural moisturizing properties, hence can be used on all the skin types. However, it is always suggested to moisturize your skin properly before using the Pan Stick.

Aromatic Liquid Foundation

aromatic liquid foundation by keya seth

The Aromatic Liquid Foundation from Touches of Keya Seth is a medium to light coverage foundation enriched with the goodness of essential oils.  The foundation spreads easily on the skin & prevents drying or caking.  The coverage is buildable as per requirements & gives a lustrous finish.  The foundation is perfect for day makeup too as it contains SPF 15 giving your skin protection from sun rays.   

Aromatic Compact Powder

compact by keya seth 

Enriched with Turmeric & Rakta Chandan this botanical compact is ideal for giving your makeup a perfect finish. Apart from improving the staying power of your makeup the compact also improves the original texture of the skin making it smooth & flawless naturally.

Makeup Fix Translucent Powder

keya seth makeup

Give your makeup a natural radiant look with the Makeup Fix translucent powder from Touches of Keya Seth. It gives a non-cakey natural look to the makeup & helps in controlling sweat to a great extent adding longevity to your makeup look. The product is enriched with botanical extracts & helps in improving the original texture of the skin with regular application. Presence of SPF 25 makes this translucent powder ideal for day time use. 

Shine Loose Powder

shine loose powder by keya seth

Add a dash of sheen to your makeup by using the shine loose powder. It gives a matte finish to the skin without drying it out & can be ideally used as a highlighter that never looks over the top. If your makeup has been missing the ultimate lustrous look, finish it with Shine Loose Powder & enjoy the compliments.

Cake Liner

cake liner by keya seth

Give your eyes a bold & hypnotic look without all the tears. This Cake Liner is a completely safe & natural eye liner that comes in a cake form.  The same product can be used ideally as both eyeliner & mascara. Being a pure, completely natural product it does not irritate the eyes or trigger the fall of lashes.

I-Stick Kajal  

kajal by keya seth

Kohl makes an essential part in the makeup routine of every Indian woman. The Kohl from Touches of Keya Seth is a pure natural formulation that not only gives the blackest black shade but also soothes the eyes.            

Shade selection:

Selecting the right shade of makeup suitable for your skin tone is vital in order to get the perfect look. Aromatic Pan Cake, Aromatic Pan Stick, Aromatic Liquid Foundation, Aromatic Compact Powder & Makeup Fix Translucent Powder are available in three shades – KSA, KSB & KSC. The KSA shade is for fair skin, the KSB shade is for medium skin & the KSC shade is ideally formulated for dark skin tones.  

The Shine Loose Powder is available in two shades, Gold & Pearl. The Gold shade is perfect for skin with warm undertones & the Pearl shade is formulated for cool undertones.


Being made from natural ingredients each of our Makeup products come with an expiry date & for the best results we recommend application of the products strictly within its life span. 



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