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Blog 11: Why pure essential oils are so expensive?

why pure essential oils are expensive

If you have ever checked the racks for essential oils in the super market you must have noticed the hefty price tag they come with. What causes the tiny bottles to cost so much? Is it only the branding & marketing hype? May be not. Pure natural essential oils have every reason to be expensive. Let us take a detailed look into these reasons,

Specific farming conditions are necessary for raw material production

aromatic plant farming adds to the price

Originally, essential oils are produced from plant parts & the environment in which the plants are grown majorly influence the quality as well as the quantity of the oil produced. Even the presence of particular chemical compounds in an essential oil often depends on the growing environment of the plant as well as the farming choices of the cultivator.

Hence, in order to cultivate a plant that will be used as a raw material for essential oil extraction specific farming conditions need to be maintained, which is available only at a higher cost.

Special harvesting techniques are essential for best quality

special harvesting technique for aromatic plants

The essential oils are produced from different parts of different plants. The handling of the plant parts can have a serious impact on the quality of the oil produced. Moreover, the time of harvesting, even the day or the night, can have a serious impact on the quality of the oil. Some plant parts are required to be processed immediately after harvest to maintain the quality. Hence skilled workforce is necessary.

Huge quantity of raw materials is required for production

why rose essential oil is so expensive

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant constituents and for producing a single drop of essential oil a considerable amount of the raw plant material is needed.

  • To produce just 1Kg of lavender essential oil around 130kg of lavender flowers are used. A 15ml bottle of pure lavender essential oil that you buy from the store is prepared from around 1.5Kg of lavender flowers.
  • For producing 500ml of pure rose essential oil around 5000kg of rose petals are needed. The 5ml rose essential oil available in tiny bottles are produced from around 50Kg of rose petals.
  • To produce around 1kg of lemon essential oil around 3,000 lemons are used. So, a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil is made from around 50 lemons.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and they differ considerably in molecular structure, chemical composition, therapeutic & cosmetic properties compared to any other oils.

Essential oil extraction is a highly sophisticated process

essential oil extraction makes essential oils expensive

Extracting essential oils from plant parts without changing their original constituents in anyway & also ensuring that all the constituents are extracted to the fullest in the produce involves a sophisticated process. The quality of the final production depends considerably on the extraction technique followed & more sophisticated extraction process that helps the extract to stay closest to the original aromatic composition produced in the plant are quite expensive.

In fact, Carbon-di-oxide extraction, the most advanced essential oil extraction technique which recovers a product that is as close as one can get to the original aromatic substance produced in the plant, is hardly used in large scale as it makes the final product even more expensive. 

The price point for Keya Seth aromatherapy products

keya seth aromatherapy products with essential oils

So, now you know why those tiny bottles of pure essential oils costs so much. However, there are also synthetic imitations of essential oils that might smell similar but will lack the potency or the therapeutic ability for which it is used in aromatherapy. Diluting the essential oil with a cheaper oil with similar smell or with synthetic odour molecules are some common techniques used in producing cheaper essential oils.

Products from the house of Keya Seth Aromatherapy are formulated with pure essential oils of best quality. No compromise is acceptable as far as the quality of our products are concerned, hence naturally our products come for a price that is reasonable but not cheap. So, if you are willing to enjoy the best benefits of essential oils, our products are certainly the best choice you have at hand.   



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