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Quickly get back in shape, before your wedding

lose weight quickly before wedding


Hesitant to pick that beautiful wedding gown or lehenga as you might not fit well in it or looking out for more covering wedding outfits so that you can hide that extra bunch of fat? The time of hiding is over now. If you think your figure will hold you back from looking your best during the special event of your life, it is time to take the right decision. There are a number of aesthetic procedures that can help you to lose those extra kilos effectively but you need to plan at least with few months in hand.

Some important points about aesthetic procedures

quick weight loss before wedding


While the advanced aesthetic procedures are really effective & has minimum or no down time, it is always suggested that you start a new weight or inch loss aesthetic treatment not just a month before the D-Day, rather the treatment should be complete or about to complete at least before a month of the celebrations.  

The time to be taken to complete an aesthetic procedure completely depends on the severity of the condition. If all you need is just toning your body from here & there, contacting an advanced slimming service provider 3 months before your wedding is sufficient, but when you have to lose a bulky tummy or opt for full body weight loss, it is essential that you go to the best aesthetic service provider with time in hand.  


The most prominent advanced slimming services include,

Full body weight loss:  

Full body weight loss before wedding


As the name suggests this process helps in losing overall body weight. Depending on your current & targeted body weight the process of treatment as well as the time taken to reach the final result can vary. However, full body weight loss process should be done with time in hand, as the treatment should not be hastened.


Spot Reduction:

inch loss for to be brides


Spot reduction is also called inch loss because instead of losing weight, here the focus is to reduce inches from a specific or more than one pre-determined spots of the body. Spot reduction is an advanced process & it enables one to reduce fat from a specific area of the body & is very helpful to attain a perfect figure.


Body toning & Tightening:

body toning treatment for brides


Body toning & tightening services does not aim to reduce weight, rather they are designed with the objective to tighten the muscles, giving the body a natural but taut shape. Body toning & tightening services are extremely effective for people who are not overweight but lack a toned figure.

Bust line treatment:

To get a perfect feminine figure, bust line treatments can be highly effective. Starting from increasing or decreasing the treatments can also help in reshaping the bust line. Bust line firming is another popular service that any would be bride can avail for a more curvaceous figure.    


quick weight loss for brides


When it comes to taking the decision about the right service needed by a patient, it is really important to discuss openly with the doctor or aesthetician first. These treatments are often customized according to the specific needs of the patient; hence the consultation is very important.


So, to all the would be brides, if you are not in perfect shape to put on that low west choli lehenga that you have selected, it is time to take the right decision to get back in shape quickly.   


Highly customized slimming, toning & tightening treatments are available at Keya Seth Trichology & Aesthetic Clinic under the guidance of expert doctors & aestheticians.  

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