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Orange Body Oil, Vitamin C Enriched, Brightening, Rejuvenating & Refreshing

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Quickly Absorbs and Moisturizes & Nourishes Skin. Lightweight and quick-absorbing properties help make it Ideal Body Oil for Winter & Summer. Body Oil for Women & Men.  


Aromatic Zesty & Refreshing Citrus Fragrance.  Spreads a little Sunshine on gloomy thoughts & Depression. Dispels Tension & Stress.  


Enriched with Vitamin C from Orange provides even radiant skin tone; it preserves youthful skin elasticity. Promotes Collage Production. Makes it an ideal Body Oil for Dry Skin.  


Relaxing nature of Orange Essential Oil helps is palliative with painful & sore muscles as well as rickety bones. It is a good Skin Tonic as its sweating action speeds out toxins and helps in reducing wrinkles. 


Soothes dry, rough & irritated skin, helps in skin rejuvenation & promotes collagen production. The oil Improves the absorption of antioxidants in the skin & enhances natural skin defence. The orange tree is native to India. 

Add the goodness of Orange in your daily body care and rejuvenate your body and mind; keep skin healthy with Skin Defence Orange Body Massage Oil. The Orange tree is native to India. It's a Zesty and Refreshing citrus fragrance—this nutrient and vitamin-enriched oil help to soothe your body and relieve stress.
Delivers the goodness of 4 skin-smoothing essential oil. It helps to restore youthful suppleness to your skin by protecting it from damage caused by free radicals. This oil is quickly absorbed into the skin due to its lightweight formula & nourishes the skin without causing any greasy or stickiness. Massaging with this oil helps strengthen your skin; the refreshing aroma brightens your day and helps repair skin damage.
The combination of essential nutrients, vitamin C, helps to reduce dryness and skin irritations. This oil-like Orange is rich in vitamin C, which helps in skin rejuvenation & promotes collagen production. Sandalwood and Carrot seed oil has natural astringent & anti-inflammatory anti-ageing properties that nourish & protect the skin. Wheatgerm Oil Rich in natural antioxidants & fatty acids that moisturize the skin, keeps skin hydrated & fights skin ageing signs. The oil also helps control acne, improves absorption of antioxidants in the skin & enhances natural skin defence. The oil not only protects your skin from dryness but also from minor infections & allergies. In addition to that, it boosts collagen production in the skin, removes suntan & heals signs of premature skin ageing with regular use. Apply on your rough skin, feel it soak into your skin, and leave it feeling smooth, supple, and silken soft all through the day. Soothing after bath massage oil to manage tired body and dry skin Repair your dehydrated skin and relieve your exhausted body with Skin Defence Orange Body Massage Oil.

7 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil for your skin

  • Rich in Rejuvenating vitamin C
  • Soothes dry, rough & irritated skin
  • Promotes brighter complexion
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Tones and tightens Skin
  • Promotes blood flow 
  • Treats acne

Do you need body Oil even in Summer?

Using body oil during the winter is a must but do you need it even during the hot, summer days? The answer is "Yes". According to the experts, your skin needs the same nourishment even in summer, but the characteristic greasiness of regular body oils often makes it difficult to use during hot summer days. So, we have formulated this non-greasy Orange Oil which hydrates & protects the skin, without making it oily. With daily use, the Orange Body Oil by Kaya Seth Aromatherapy also offers a bunch of additional benefits like brightening skin tone, controlling excess pigmentation, fighting signs of sun damage & premature skin ageing. If you are staying away from oils this summer, it only means you haven't tried our Orange Body Oil yet. Get it today & feel the difference!