Ankush Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid - First Aid,Medical, Multipurpose Personal Hygiene & Home Cleaner, Enriched with Chloroxylenol, Neem, Tulsi & Essential Oil – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Ankush Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid - First Aid, Medical, Multipurpose Personal Hygiene & Home Cleaner, Neem, Tulsi & Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Naturally Fragrant, Skin-Friendly Multipurpose Disinfectant for You & Your Family with Excellent Soothing, Healing & Cleansing properties   

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A Unique Combination Formula backed by years of Research, involving Potent Herbal Extracts blended with Eucalyptus Oil; Neem & Tulsi offers marvelous Natural Skin-Soothing, Antiseptic & Antimicrobial properties; additionally, 4.8 % Chloroxylenol makes the product highly effective as a Disinfectant 


Treats Nicks & Cuts, Small Burns & Wounds, Insect bites & Razor bumps, and Minor fungal infections; Natural preventive measures from prickly heat, excess summertime sweat or body odor, or anyone suffering from prickly heat. Great for Acne, Pimples, After Shave, Skin Rashes, Nappy Rashes, Bathing & Cloth Washing  


Effective as a Multipurpose Surface & Floor Disinfectant Cleaner 


It is an Antiseptic & Bactericide, a good Insect Repellent, especially for Cockroaches. The aroma of Eucalyptus clears the head, aids concentration, and strengthens the nervous system. 


Why Use this Multipurpose Antiseptic Liquid for Your Family’s Daily Needs? 

Ankush is a Revolutionary Formula backed by years of research. A Unique Combination of Potent Herbal Extracts along with a blend of Pure Essential Oil has been used in this Formulation to attain Maximum Efficacy.  

Neem and Tulsi, the 2 major ingredients of this Aromatherapy-Based product are known for their Excellent, Natural Skin Soothing, Antiseptic, and Antimicrobial properties. Essential Oil of Eucalyptus with Castor Oil not only gives this solution a Refreshing Aroma but also adds to its Skin Hydrating and Nourishment abilities. The presence of Chloroxylenol's inappropriate concentration makes the product highly effective as a Disinfectant. 

Neem Extracts: Liquid Disinfectant with Organic Neem Extracts contains Essential Vitamins and Nutrients that combat Bacterial Skin Infections, calm irritation, purify & repair skin, and help Clear Acne & Pimples. 

Tulsi Extracts: Rich in Vitamin K and Antioxidants, Tulsi Improves Blood Circulation, Lightens skin tone, helps Remove Blackheads and acne, and Relieves You and Your Family from Skin Infections.  

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: With Purifying and Cleansing properties, Eucalyptus Essential Oil not only Treats Dry Skin Issues but also makes the product more Potent as a Surface Cleaner. 

Castor Oil: Along with its Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory elements, Castor Oil Reverses Sun Damage and offers a Plumped-Up Appearance to your skin. 

Denatured Alcohol: A very useful household Cleaner that keeps harmful microbes at bay. 

Chloroxylenol: A Highly Effective Antiseptic Agent that Minimises the Risk of Infection and Boosts its capacity as an Antibacterial cleaner.