Instant Hair Brown Refill Pack - Instant Hair Brown Refill Pack - Hair Building & Thickening Fibers for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Concealer | Hair Color – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Instant Hair Brown Refill Pack - Instant Hair Brown Refill Pack - Hair Building & Thickening Fibers for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Concealer

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    Covers up thinning hair & bald spots for Men & Women, offering a Natural & Youthful Look    


    The Tiny Microfibers made of Keratin, the same protein your hair is made of, Transform your Appearance by blending with your hair and Increasing Hair Density; serve as an Alternative to wig    


    The Instant Hair Concealer doesn’t affect or irritate the scalp or existing hair growth  


    The Hair Loss Concealer lasts through wind, rain, perspiration, or sports all day long until washed; your Quick Fix to Hair Fall   


    The Hair Thickening Concealer is available in two Stunning Shades—Black & Brown  

    • HOW TO USE:

    The Hair Concealer Powder should be applied on dry hair after styling, sprinkle gently over the thinning areas, bald patches, and wide partings until the scalp is no longer visible; for best results use our Hair Styling Spray; stroke gently to scatter the fibers; apply shampoo for an easy removal 

    Instant Hair Fix with Hair-Building Fiber 

    Hair may start to lose volume and thickness with age. Although hair thinning and baldness are often associated with some internal disease or condition, mostly they are symptoms of ageing. However, premature hair fall and bald patches can affect one’s self-esteem. The Instant Hair Concealer for Men & Women is a quick and simple solution to improve the appearance of your hair. It adds volume to your hair maintaining its natural looks without any side effects.  

    The top benefits of this Instant Hair Concealer Include: 

    • Doesn’t affect scalp or existing hair growth 
    • Helps get Voluminous, Natural-Looking Hair Appearance 
    • Lasts all day through wind, rain, sweat, and sports until washed 
    • Easy application, easy removal, and a Quick Fix to Hair Fall 
    • A great Alternative to wig 
    • The Hair Concealer is available in dual shades—Black & Brown to blend with your hair texture and colour   

    How to Apply the Instant Hair-Building Fiber? 

    The product comes in a powder texture and must be applied by sprinkling gently until the scalp appears covered. You can use it to conceal: 

    • Thinning areas 
    • Bald patches 
    • Wide partings 

    Care & Storage 

    The Hair Building Fiber is for external use only. Keep in a cool and dark place. Discontinue using the product in case of any irritation. If in contact with eyes, wash out with water. Keep out of the reach of children. The product does not have any therapeutic claim.