Papaya Body Moist with SPF 15 24hrs Moisturization Lock Papaya Extract – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Papaya Body Moist with SPF 15 24hrs Moisturization Lock Papaya Extract Enriched, Brightening, Glowing & Anti Blemish - Removes Pigmentation & Dull Skin 200ml

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  • UNIQUE WATER LOCK TECHNOLOGY:  An outstanding Body Moisturiser designed with Papaya extracts, Propylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, and Sun protecting ingredients to target concerns of the skin & help to eliminate dryness, blemishes, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone & texture by removing dead skin cells from the skin. It also protects & restores the skin barrier’s natural defense through its unique water lock technology and keeps the skin hydrated, rejuvenated, balanced, brightened & healthy. 


  • PAPAYA EXTRACTS: Rich in many Vitamins like A, C & Phyto-vitamin K. In addition to these vitamins, it also has Micro-minerals like phosphorus, magnesium & beta-carotene. Enzymes like beta-carotene, Vitamins & phytochemicals in papaya have skin-lightening properties. A proteolytic (breakdown protein) enzyme, Papain helps reduce freckles or brown spots due to exposure to sunlight, smoothing the skin and creating healthier-looking skin. Papaya helps skin elasticity & firmness by minimizing wrinkles appearance. 


  • SODIUM PCA: It has greater water absorption ability than glycerin alone. It functions as a humectant & has an excellent hygroscopic effect, which makes it a highly effective protector in TWL (Transepidermal Water Loss). Sodium PCA rebuilds the intracellular glue that holds the cells together. It is the sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid, a naturally occurring component of human skin that maintains a healthy epidermis by preventing moisture loss & the growth of bacteria & allergens on the skin.  


  • PROPYLE GLYCOL: It is also a humectant widely used in cosmetics & skincare to increase the moisture retention capacity of products. It can absorb water & bring it to the outermost layer of the skin & enhance the appearance of the skin by restoring suppleness & reducing flakiness. Propylene Glycol forms a protective film on the skin that prevents water loss & helps to reduce the chances of free radical attacks, controls acne & makes skin soft, light & non-sticky feel. 


  • REGIME:  After Body wash apply the appropriate amount of Papaya Body moist all over the clean & dry body in AM to protect the skin from harmful sunrays. Leave it for a few minutes to completely absorb the skin. Apply it at night for blemish-free, even-toned & bright skin.