Alopex Absolute & Penta Active Shampoo for Acute Hair Fall & New Hair Growth Treatment Kit Enriched with Korean Red Ginseng | Hair Treatment – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Alopex Absolute & Penta Active Shampoo for Acute Hair Fall & New Hair Growth Treatment Kit Enriched with Korean Red Ginseng

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Alopex Absolute Benefits

  • Effective formulation enriched with pure essential oils, vitamins & minerals.
  • Quick absorbing, non-oily, non-sticky
  • Works 24x7 on the scalp, boosting the health of hair roots.
  • Controls dandruff & improves hair health apart from controlling hair fall & boosting hair growth.
  • Completely free from side effects.

How to use

  •  Use the dropper for dispensing 5-7ml of Alopex absolute directly on clean and dry scalp.
  • Spread gently on the scalp without massaging.

Product Description

A blend of pure & absolute essential oils infused with vital hair-nourishing vitamins & minerals like Tocopherol Acetate, Niacinamide & Biotin to stop premature hair fall, accelerate hair growth & ensure complete hair health and hair fall solution. Completely free from side effects. Aromatherapy-based non-oily, non-sticky formula is ideal for everyday use.

An absolute solution to hair problems

Forget hair fall, hair thinning, and premature hair graying & all common hair problems with Alopex Absolute. This aromatherapy-based revolutionary formulation nourishes hair roots & shafts, promoting complete hair & scalp health. The non-sticky, non-oily hair tonic is infused with a blend of pure & absolute essential oils of Blue Chamomile, Neroli, Vetiver, Tea tree, Mandarin & Patchouli, known for their hair nourishing & growth boosting abilities. Vitamin E acetate, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) & Biotin are the other components present in Alopex Absolute that ensure to bring a STOP to your bad hair days.

Alopex Penta Shampoo

Vitamin Enriched Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo:

A Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Biotin enriched Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo for Men & Women with Nature-Derived Actives that Revive Hair & Help in New Hair Growth.

Improved Hair Health:

Biotin prevents hair loss by improving Keratin Infrastructure; Vitamin E with Antioxidants Protects hair from breakage & adds Shine, Pro-Vitamin B5 prevents dry hair & scalp by keeping it Moisturized. The Amino Acids help promote new hair growth.

All-Inclusive Hair Fall Control Shampoo:

Powered with Lavender Essential Oil, the Hair Loss Control Shampoo is Effective at New Hair Growth Treatment; Honey Moisturizes and Restores Shine; Tannic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Amino Acid Composites Help Smoothen and Strengthen Hair; Lipoate SB-50 Conditions Hair; no side effects

How to use

  • Pour a generous dollop on the palm of your hand; apply lightly on wet scalp & hair; leave on for 1-2 minutes; wash off with plenty of water; repeat if needed.

Product Description 

Formulated with Vitamin E, B5 & Biotin: Scalp & Hair Essential Nutrients:

A blend of Pure Essential Oil, Honey, and Health-Giving Vitamins imbued in a brand-new formula for preventing hair fall, Boosting New Hair Growth, and Promoting overall Hair Health & Appearance. Also contains Follicusan, the Hair-Growth Promoter and Anti-Dandruff Agent Vitalizes Scalp Cells and prevents premature hair loss. The Shampoo for Hair Fall Control is recommended for Men & Women both and it’s free from side effects.