Alopex Penta Active 10 for hair loss & weak hair || Enriched with essential oils & vital hair nutrients


This non-oily, non-sticky hair tonic contains 10 natural ingredients proven to stop hair fall, boost hair growth, improve hair quality & ensure overall hair health. This breakthrough formula has been clinically tested & proven for effectiveness in controlling hair fall & boosting hair growth without any side effects.

Key Ingredients : Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamin E, B3, B5 & Biotin, Lavender, Basil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Tea Tree Essential Oils, Caffeine, Amino Acid Composites, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Lactic Acid, Tannic Acid.

How to use : Apply 5-7ml twice daily on clean & dry scalp. Do not massage.

Use this file in one month

What is hair?

Hair is a filament made of keratin, a protein that is also present in our nails. Hair filament grows from a follicle rooted deep in the scalp & this follicle ensures the growth as well as the health of the hair.   

Hair Fall is normal. Why?

The Life Cycle of a Hair involves three stages –

Anagen: A period of active growth that lasts for 2 to 6 years.

Catagen: The period of break down &transition. It takes around 1-2 weeks.

Telogen: The resting phase before resumption of growth, it lasts for 2 to 4 months.

On average, a person loses anything between 60 and 100 hairs daily & normally all of which are replaced by new hair. If the hair loss is over 100 per day, it exceeds the replacements, which might result into baldness &hair thinning.

What causes balding?

When the lifecycle of a hair is complete, it naturally falls off from the root & a new hair filament takes its place. However, genetics, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stressor infection can induce untimely miniaturization of the hair follicles, forcing the hair strand to fall off immaturely & preventing the growth of new hair from the follicle.

How Alopex Penta Active 10 prevents hair fall?

Alopex Penta Active contains 10 Active ingredients & they work in 10 different ways to prevent hair fall.

    • Korean Red Ginseng to increase life span of hair follicles

    • Vitamin HE for follicle & hair health
    • Combination Proteins for new hair growth & better blood circulation in scalp
    • Tannic Acid & Essential oils to prevent Free radical damage
    6 essential oils for boosting Micro-circulation& revitalizing hair follicles
    • NMFs for better scalp oil balance
    • Amino Acid Composites for Hair Regrowth activation
    • Caffeine for Hair root stimulation
    • Scalp cell regeneration boosting complex for new hair growth
    • Lactic Acid for hair strengthening & nourishment

    How to use

    Apply 5-7 ml twice daily on clean & dry scalp*. Spread with your fingers. Do not massage. 

    *Proven at MASCOT SPINCONTROL, Mumbai

    ** The subjects in the clinical study used 5-7ml of Alopex Penta Active twice daily for 84 days & experienced the following results,

    • 94% participants found the product effective to reduce hair loss
    • 94% participants informed that the product promotes new hair growth
    • 97% of the participants agreed that the test product makes hair stronger
    • 97% of the participants confirmed that the test product increases hair volume
    • 100% of the contributors found that the test product improves overall hair appearance

    When you will see result?

    You are expected to see noticeable change in your hair fall amount within 15-20 days of daily use. Alive/Dormant hair follicles will initiate regrowth by 90-120 days of application (the time may vary from person to person). 

    The Regime

    • Use Alopex Penta Active twice daily & Alopex Penta Active Shampoo thrice a week.
    • Use Alopex Penta Active twice daily& Wash your hair with Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo thrice a week, if you have dandruff.

    Additional suggestions for hair fall prevention

    • Take a balanced diet filled with colorful vegetables & protein
    • Take adequate rest &pick up habits like yoga & meditation for de-stressing
    • Stay away from using harsh chemicals till your hair fall is controlled
    • Keep your combs/brushes, pillow towels, bathing towels clean & separate
    • Use wooden comb, keep your scalp clean


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