Ankush Ayurvedic Antiseptic Liquid


First of its kind in the world which takes care of minor cuts, prickly heat, nappy rashes, insect bites, acne etc.

Composition  :   Each 5 ml contains Aqueous extract of –

Neem leaf ( Azadirachta  indica )              : 0.5 gm

Tulsi  leaf ( Ocimum sanctum )                 : 0.5 gm

Haridra Rhizome ( Curcuma longa )         : 0.5 gm

Kur Stem ( Saussurea lappa )                     : 0.5 gm

Preservatives :

Methyl Paraben           IP                             : 0.01 gm

Propyl Paraben            IP                             : 0.005 gm

Cetrimide                     IP                              : 0.01 gm

Lavender Oil, Rose Oil : QS

FCF : 1 mg

Purified water : QS to 5 ml


Mode of action :

Neem : Has antibacterial and antifungal  properties.

Tulsi : Lightens skin tone, eliminates acne/pimples, used for treatment of cuts and wounds as it gives antiseptic effect.

Haridra : Used in treatment of allergic/inflammatory skin disorders, improves skin complexion.

Kur : Used as anti-ageing agent.

Lavender Oil : Has relaxing effect on skin and used to cleanse cuts and wounds and remove skin irritations.

Rose Oil : Used for toning and lifting skin.


Usage  -   It is applicable in cuts , prickly heat , insect bites , acne , after bath , and general hygiene and can also be used as an after shave.

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