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Ankush Ayurvedic Antiseptic Liquid || Enriched with Neem,Tulsi,Haridra,Kur,Lavender & Rose

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What it is? 

An Ayurvedic, naturally fragrant, skin friendly anti-septic solution with excellent soothing and healing properties. 

Who should use it? 

Anyone looking for natural preventive measure from prickly heat, excess summer time sweat or body odor or anyone suffering from prickly heat, razor cuts, small cuts, burns, rashes, insect bite, skin irritation, itching or minor skin infections 

It treats: 

- Nicks & cuts 

- Small burns & wounds 

- Nappy rashes & prickly heat 

- Insect bites & razor bumps 

- Acne & pimples 

- Minor fungal infections 

- Excess Sweat & Body odor 

If you want to know more….. 

Ankush is a revolutionary Ayurvedic formula backed by years of research. A unique combination of potent herbal extracts along with a blend of essential oils have been used in this formulation to attain maximum efficacy. Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric & Kur, the four major ingredients of this product are known for their excellent natural skin soothing, anti-septic and anti-microbial properties. Essential oils of Lavender and Rose not only give this solution a refreshing aroma but also adds to its skin soothing ability. The presence of cetrimide in appropriate concentration makes the product highly effective as a disinfectant and germicidal. 


Product Highlights 

  • Completely Natural 

What's in Ankush? 

  •  used by everyone 
  • Prevents & treats prickly heat 
  • Controls excess sweat & body odor 
  • Treats rashes, razor cuts etc. 
  • Keeps fresh all day long 
  • A single product for all round use 


Key Ingredients 

Ankush Antiseptic contains a blend of Ayurvedic herb extracts & Pure essential oils to offer maximum protection. The Active Ingredients in this formulation include, 



Lavender & Rose Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil - A natural antiseptic & healer that keeps infections away 

Rose Essential Oil - Hydrates dry skin, soothes irritated skin 



Haridra & Kur 


Neem & Ankush 


How to use? 

  • Add a cap of Ankush to a mug of bathing water & pour it down from your head after finishing bath 
  • Apply directly onto small cuts, burns and insect bites. Do not rub. 
  • Use on skin rashes, prickly heat and nappy rashes for quick relief. 
  • Spread lavishly all over body after bath for preventing summer rashes, itches and fungal infections. 
  • Use after every shave for a soothing and refreshing experience. 
  • Apply topically on acne for prevention and cure. 
  • Can work effectively on minor fungal infections like Athlete’s foot & Dhobi’s itch.