Fresh Look (Blackberry & Tea Tree) Facewash



KeyIngredients1: Extract of Blackberry, Tea tree, Orange, Grapes, Honey & pure essential oils of Lavender (Lavandulaangustifolia), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)& Sweet Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens).

100% soap freeskin cleanser infused with Blackberry & Tea tree extracts

Cleanses skin from deep within without reaping off the necessary moisture

Controls excess oil, pimples, blemishes & pre-mature signs of skin ageing

Natural AHAs from orange & grapesadd brightness to the skin

A gentle everyday cleanser for oily skin Fresh Look' Face Wash contains aloevera,orange,grape seed extract,tea tree oil and honey.It also contains pure essential oils of lavendula angustifolia, rosemary, pelargonium graveolence(geranium).It is a 100% soap free face wash.It cleanses skin from inside,protects it from undesirable bacterial infection. Skin becomes soft and supple,lively and glowing.Use *Lotus for dry skin, *Blackberry for oily and pimply skin & *Aloevera for normal skin.


According to your skin type use any one of the above variant every day, especially, after returning home. Take a small amount of the face wash on the palm of your hand, mix with little water. Massage your face & neck thoroughly for 1 minute. Rinse completely with water.

Product Description

Enriched with extracts of Blackberry, Tea tree, Orange, Grapes & pure essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary & Sweet Geranium Fresh Look Face Wash – Blackberry & Tea tree cleanses, nourishes & protects skin with its aromatherapy& Ayurveda combined formula. Blackberry is rich in Vitamin A& Vitamin C as well as other anti-oxidants that nourish & protect skin. Tea tree extract ensures maximum protection from microbial infections & pimples. Extract of Orange & grapes gives clearer skin& fights the signs of premature skin ageing.  Honey replenishes skin moisture, protects skin from microbial infections & harmful sun rays, leaving it soft & supple.  Lavender essential oil treats acne, promotes scar healing& takes care of the early signs of skin ageing. Rosemary essential oil prevents acne, skin infections, regulates sebum production. Sweet Geranium essential oil tightens enlargedskin pores& offers anti-ageing benefits.

Fresh Look Face Wash withBlackberry & Tea tree for Softer& clearerskin

Get soft, clear& supple skin with Fresh Look FaceWash -- Blackberry & Tea tree for Oily Skin. The formula gives the benefits of both aromatherapy & Ayurveda to ensure best daily skin care. The face wash imbibes benefits of blackberry, tea tree, grapes & oranges, along with pure honey & essential oils of lavender, rosemary & sweet geranium. The natural anti-oxidants present in this mild facial cleanser protect skin from free-radicals.  It gently removesskin impurities, excess oil& light makeup without drying out the skin. Enjoy softer, clear&problem freeskin naturally with daily use of Fresh Look Face Wash -Blackberry & Tea tree.

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