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Fresh Look Honey Gel Face Wash – Refreshing Foaming Soothes Inflamed Skin Enriched with Honey & Pure Essential Oil – For All Skin Type

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Natural honey & pure essential oils enriched face wash that cleanses, nourishes & protects skin with its aromatherapy based formula. Natural honey replenishes skin moisture, protects skin from microbial infections & harmful sun rays, leaving it soft & supple. Tea tree essential oil keeps skin free from pimple, acne & irruptions. Lavender essential oil treats acne, promotes scar healing & takes care of the early signs of skin ageing.

Honey fabulously works on all skin type, specially dry & damaged skin. It nourishes skin, locks moisture inside. Keya Seth's FRESH LOOK face wash is rich with the extract of honey & lavender, tea tree oil. It is full of antioxidants, which are good for wrinkles and aging skin also. Its' antibacterial formula works amazingly on oily & acne-prone skin.

Direction of Use:

Take a small amount of the face wash on the palm of your hand, mix with little water. Massage your face & neck thoroughly for 1 minute. Rinse completely with water.

Key Ingredients:

Water, Honey, Lavender essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil