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Graine Out - Remedy from Migraine Pain 5ml

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5 ml

Chronic headache problem like migraine, sinusitis can be reduced by using this product.

What it is?

An aromatherapy based effective cure for headache of different origins including migraine pain. This 100% pure essential oil blend also includes a bunch of herbal extracts with remarkable analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties.

What it does?

✓ Eases migraine pain & headache quickly

✓ Opens nasal blockage & eliminates sinus pressure

✓ Relaxes the nerves & muscles helping you to relax

✓ Promotes overall better health of the nervous system

✓ Reduces nausea related to headache

✓ Increases the interval between subsequent migraine attacks


Debilitating migraine pain can seriously affect your life restricting your abilities and efficiency in todays’ competitive work environment. According to studies, 90% men & women suffer from headache of different origins at least once in their lifetime, while medications might be effective to ease the pain in case of normal headaches, they turn out to be completely useless when it comes to treating severe migraine pain. In addition to that, no medication brings immediate relief & they are also infamous for side effects. GRAINEOUT works instantly on migraine pain & headache because it employs aromatherapy & reaches the Central Nervous System within seconds. While there is no cure or even effective treatment for migraine pain, this essential oil blend can give you long term relief from the problem with regular use.

Composition :  Each 5 ml contains Oil extract of –

Eranda( Ricinus communis )              : 0.5 gm

Jivanti  (Trema orientalis )                 : 0.5 gm

Rasna( Pluchea lanceolata )              : 0.5 gm

Vidanga( Embelia ribes )                    : 0.5 gm

Yastimadhu( Glycyrrhiza glabra )     : 0.5 gm

Antioxidant                                           : BHT 0.0025 gm

Basil Oil, Camphor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Aniseed Oil, Peppermint Oil : QS

Base : LLP- QS to 5 ml

Til Oil : 2 ml

Mode of Action :

Eranda :  Reduces pain and ache by its anti-inflammatory action.

Jivanti : Acts a anti-pyritic and analgesic.

Rasna :  Reduces pain and ache by its anti-inflammatory action.

Vidanga :Used as a nerve tonic.

Yastimadhu : Acts as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and rejuvenates nervous system.

Basil Oil : Has very good anti-inflammatory , analgesic effect.

Camphor Oil : Has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect.

Eucalyptus Oil :Opens nasal airways and eliminates sinus pressure.

Aniseed Oil : Reduces nausea, relieves headache, anxiety and nervousness.

Peppermint Oil : Has calming and numbing effect.


Contraindications :

Pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, epilepsy, neonates and infants below 5 yrs of age.


Usage  : Take 8-10 drops of oil on a clean handkerchief or tissue paper.

Sit upright (keep spiral chord straight) or lying on bed straight (without pillow) or while standing or walking, inhale the oil from nose and exhale through mouth.

For 8-10 minutes the oil should be inhaled deeply and exhaled once in the morning and again before going to sleep at night.

If Migraine pain appears anytime during the day suddenly, before it becomes severe, oil should be used in the same procedure.