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Relief Oil -For Arthritis and Joint Pain

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Composition  :    Each 5 ml contains Oil extract of –

Eranda( Ricinus communis )              : 0.75 gm

Devdaru  (Cedrus libani )                    : 0.75 gm

Aswagandha( Withania somnifera ) : 0.75 gm

Kur( Saussurea lappa )                         : 0.75 gm

Antioxidant                                           : BHT 0.0025 gm

Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Pine Oil, Cajeput Oil, Eucalyptus Oil : QS

Base : LLP Til Oil- QS to 5 ml


Mode of Action :


Eranda :Very effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Devdaru :Relieves swelling and edema as anti-inflammatory. Very effective in treating neuralgia and paralysis. Also relieves pain and body stiffness. 

Aswagandha :Powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and degenerative bone changes. Also reduces pain and disability for patients.

Kur : Has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect. Very effective in both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Lavender Oil :Relieves tight and sore muscles, helps in relieving rheumatic discomfort and joint stiffness.

Lemon Oil :It is anti-rheumatic, relieves pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Pine Oil :  Acts as a pain reliever in arthritis, aches, pains and sore muscles.

CajeputOil : Cineole produces warmth and thus relieves rheumatism and other pains.

Eucalyptus Oil :Tannins in the oil help to reduce swelling and pain.


Usage  :  - Massage the oil on the affected  joints and areas of pain. The process of massage should be atleast 3 – 4 times daily depending upon the intensity of pain