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Skin Defence Orange Cream Enriched with Pure Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin C - Oil Free, Light Moisturizing ,Quick Absorbing, Skin Repairs & Rejuvenation for All Skin Type

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ORANGE cream

7 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil for your skin

· Improves absorption of antioxidants in skin

· Soothes dry, rough & irritated skin

· Improves natural skin defence

· Boosts collagen production

· Helps in skin rejuvenation

· Promotes blood flow

· Treats acne


Dull, rough, lifeless skin & uneven skin tone all are signs of skin damage. Orange Cream imbued with pure essential oils of Orange, Frankincense & Grape Seed works as a natural conditioner that nourishes & repairs skin effectively leaving it soft, supple, bright & enviable.

Key ingredients :

Orange essential oil, Frankincense essential oil & Grape seed essential oil in a cream base

How to use :

Apply the cream on freshly cleansed face & neck in dots & massage lightly. Use twice daily for best results.