Keya Seth

Sweet Dreams - Sleep disorder remedy.


Insomnia is a irritating problem for many. Try Keya Seth's Sweet Dream & experience peaceful sleep at night.

Composition  :   Each 5 ml contains Oil extract of –

Champa( Michelia champaca )                    : 0.5 gm

Swetchandana  (Santalum album )             : 0.5 gm

Raktachandan( Pterocarpus santanalis )   : 0.5 gm

Aswagandha( Withania somnifera )           : 0.5 gm

Antioxidant                                           : BHT 0.0025 gm

Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Sandal Wood Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Rose Oil : QS

Base : LLP- QS to 5 ml

Til Oil : 2 ml


Mode of Action :

Champa :Has a cooling and calming effect.

Swetchandana :Brings about pleasant effect, nourishes sense organs, relieves tiredness and fatigue.

Raktachandan :Acts as a coolant, reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Aswagandha :Withanolide relieves fatigue, stress and weakness. Provides hypnotic effect.Works as a depressant on the Central Nervous system, causing sense of tranquility and relaxation – making sleep easier to achieve.

Lavender Oil :Relieves anxiety and emotional stress thus improves sleep.

Lemon Oil :It has calming effect, removes mental fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension.

Sandal wood Oil :Alpha-santalol and Beta-santalol has a sedative effect on the Central Nervous system. 

Black Pepper Oil :Relieves stress.

Rose Oil :Acts as relaxant. Heals depression, grief, nervous stress and tension.


Contraindications :

Pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, epilepsy, neonates and infants below 5 yrs of age.


Usage  :  On a clean handkerchief or tissue paper take 8-10 drops of oil.

Before going to sleep sit upright or lie in bed straight (without pillow), keep the hankie or tissue paper close to the nose and inhale deeply while exhaling through mouth.

Keep the used hankie / tissue paper at the side of the pillow while sleeping. The oil drops can also be used onto the pillow itself, but make sure the oil does not come into contact to your skin by any chance.

The process can be used / followed once daily before sleep.

Incase of excess sleeplessness (or insomnia) the dosage of oil can be increased a bit for use.

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