Blog 28: Best tips for Pre-Puja Haircare

Posted on September 01 2017

pre puja hair care tips

Beautiful, problem free hair can always add a lot to your beauty but it often remains a dream for most of the lot. Hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry, damaged hair is only reality in today’s pollution-plagued environment.  While you might not be able to change the environment quickly, you can always change the condition of your hair by opting for the right treatments. A little extra care can solve out your hair problems & give you the locks that you will love.

Do not delay to start your pre-puja hair care, so that you can style your mane as you wish during the festive & get compliments. Check out the pre-puja hair care tips to solve all your hair problems,

Cleanse your hair & scalp properly

use proper shampoo for hair health

As already mentioned, the increased level of pollution in the environment is a major cause of hair problems & in order to safeguard your hair from the pollution, keeping your hair & scalp clean is a must. However, at the same time, washing your hair regularly with a soap based shampoo can dry it out, leaving your mane weak, brittle & prone to fall.

So, wash your hair every alternate day but with the right cleanser. The Shine & Silk hair cleanser range has perfect shampoos for regular use. These shampoos are mild & they do not reap off the essential oils from the hair while cleansing them from dirt & grime.  Pick a Shine & Silk shampoo according to your hair type & needs, & use it in the suggested way to get the desired results.    

Nourish the hair roots to stop hair fall

nourish the hair roots

When it comes to hair care, the roots certainly dictate a lot. Nourishing the scalp & the hair roots is a must in order to ensure that your hairs are problem free. For hair root nourishment, Alopex is highly effective. So, if you are suffering from hair fall, start using Alopex Absolute or any other variety of alopex as per needs, from today.

To flaunt beautiful hairstyles during Puja, it is important to make your hair healthy at the roots so that the hairstyles & hair treatments do not trigger hair fall. Regular use of Alopex Penta will not only solve the problem of hair fall but will also make your hair softer & shinier.

Homemade hair pack for root nourishment

fenugreek and olive oil hair pack


Soak a handful of methi (fenugreek) in clean water overnight. In the morning make a smooth paste with it. Add 2 spoons of olive oil to the methi paste, mix well & apply onto your scalp. Leave on for an hour, covering your head with a shower cap. Wash off with a mild shampoo.

aloe vera and jojoba hair pack


Aloe Vera is a natural & effective hair root nourisher. Jojoba flowers are also great for the scalp & hair. Mix 2 spoons of pure Aloe Vera juice with 5-8 jojoba flowers in a blender. Apply the resulting pack onto your scalp & hair. Leave on for an hour without letting the pack get dry. Wash off with plenty of water.

Treat the dandruff

treat dandruff naturally

One of the most common causes of hair fall is dandruff. No matter how beautiful you look in your Puja special hairstyles, dandruff in your hair or on your shoulders can affect your impression seriously. So, it is important that you get rid of dandruff before Puja. Root Active Anti Dandruff Solution is an easy treatment to get rid of dandruff. You should couple it with a proper anti-dandruff shampoo from the Shine & Silk range to get quick results.    

Home treatments for treating dandruff

  • Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with 50% water can work effectively as an anti-dandruff solution.
  • Massage a blend of 3-4 drops rosemary essential oil with 15-20 drops of coconut oil on your scalp everyday & wash it off after 2 hours to control dandruff.
  • Applying freshly prepared ginger juice on your scalp 10 minutes before taking a head bath is also effective in getting rid of dandruff.

However, these home remedies need to be followed religiously for quite sometime to get results.

Mend the dry, damaged hair

nourishing hair pack

Dry & lifeless hair can ruin your puja special hairstyle. If you use heat or chemical colors on your hair, it is very usual for you to have damaged & rough hair. In such cases, a wise solution is to use the Aromatic Hair Spa from our range along with the Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum to instill life in your dry locks.

However, if your hair is not damaged due to treatments but naturally towards dry, use the Hair Milk daily on your hairs before taking bath. It can also be used daily on healthy hair to ensure that your hair remain the same way. Hair milk will make your hair soft, nourished & more manageable.   

Solution for grey hair

get rid of grey hair

Pre-mature hair greying is now a common problem & there are many who avoid colors due to their harmful effects; but at the same time grey hair is a strict no for Puja. So, if you are suffering with grey hair, start using the Black Shine Hair oil or the 100% natural Black Shine hair color pack from now on, to cover the greys completely before the festive starts.

To get a natural burgundy tone in your hair, start using the Keya Seth Henna from now. You should also use the Colour Retaining Shampoo with the pack, hair oil or Henna to increase the longevity of the colour on your hair.




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