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Pregnancy & Breast Massage: All That Moms Need to Know

Holding your own child in your arms, nurturing him/her inside your womb for 9 months are like a blessing to the mothers worldwide. Even so, women often go through emotional gloominess due to the massive changes in the body that consequently decline their level of confidence, even leading to identity crisis at times. The good news is, backed by instances and evidence, it has been seen that breast massage can elevate women’s self-love quotient while increasing their awareness towards health. 

How Can Breast Massage Help During and Post-Pregnancy? 

Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is a choice. But whether you go for it or not, a rush of hormones during the stretch of those 9 months highly impact body shape and emotional state of the mind. During pregnancy you may experience frequent urination, heartburn, constipation, visible veins, a growing waistline, vaginal changes, and of course, tender breasts.  

While you are expecting, it is not uncommon to have swollen breasts and notice small bumps around your nipple area. Also, you might feel that your breasts are growing and turning fuller. Relax, these are completely normal as they are getting ready for breastfeeding. 

Now, once you are a mom, you may experience your breasts to be engorged and swelling with milk. Conditions, such as tingling sensations, nipple pain, stretch marks, or even mastitis where a milk duct gets clogged.  

To ease down this discomfort, your physician might suggest you a number of massage techniques for your legs and belly, and breast massage, surely, can add significant benefits to your condition. 

  • Breast massage helps relax the muscles and lowers stress hormones
  • It can relieve your body from chronic aches or at least reduce it 
  • Massage helps in improving hormonal balance by stabilising estrogen and progesterone 
  • It can decrease swelling and contribute to eliminate excess body fluids after delivery by increasing circulation  
  • Breast massage can increase milk production and offer an improved breastfeeding experience 
  • By increasing delta brain waves, massage therapy promotes better sleep and rest 

Which Product or Oil is Best for Pregnancy/Post-Pregnancy Breast Massage? 

 Although you might find numerous breast massage products online and in stores, hardly any of them are natural or free from side effects. That’s why at Keya Seth Aromatherapy, we have created Lady Care, a therapeutic-grade essential oil blend that uplifts, tones, and firms up breasts while moisturising the skin. 

A gift of nature, the product combines the Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium and Vetiver that improve blood circulation and the estrogen level, as it drops during post-pregnancy.   

Lavender Essential Oil helps firm up the breast tissues and reduces stress & fatigue with its deep, calming aroma. 

Geranium Essential Oil helps muscles contract, enhances elasticity, increases collagen production, and makes skin soft & smooth. This oil is a great choice to achieve a tone appearance. 


Vetiver Essential Oil comes with multipurpose benefits, as it provides hormonal support, induces, improves concentration level, and relieves from anxiousness. 


Jojoba Essential Oil is a mandate for breast care and toning, as it is full of Vitamins A, B, D, E & Omega 9 Fatty Acids and it never clogs pores. 

Sesame Oil’s phytoestrogens promote better growth of breasts. 

How to Use Lady Care at Home? 

Simply apply a sufficient amount of the oil and massage in clockwise & anti-clockwise directions. Keep the pressure steady and light. Make sure that the massaging motion is always upwards. You don’t have to wash or wipe off the oil after each session. You should use once in a day and at least for 3 consecutive months for expected results. 

Are There Any Risks Involved with Post-pregnancy Breast Massage? 

If you are a lactating mother, then about 2–30 minutes of massaging every day can be very relaxing and rejuvenating. 

However, don’t let the bunch of rumours floating around mislead you. So, let’s bust a few popular myths: 

  • There is no right or wrong way to massage for lactation 
  • It is better to focus one breast at a time
  • Use circular movements 
  • Use your fingertips to tap and massage all over your breasts 
  • Breast massage can be useful in detecting any lump, bump, or breast cancer 
  • In case you have had any surgery on your breasts, be careful or seek professional help 

Pregnancy can be tough on your boobs, but you can stay in shape with Lady Care by starting the massage therapy sessions early on. Stay healthy & beautiful moms... because there’s no one like you! 



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