Lab Fresh Shea Body Butter Enriched with Rose & Geranium Oil for 24hrs Moisturization & Nourishment for Men & Women All Skin Types | Body Care – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Lab Fresh Shea Body Butter Enriched with Rose & Geranium Oil for 24hrs Moisturization & Nourishment for Men & Women All Skin Types

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Introducing LAB FRESH by Aromatherapist Keya Seth. It is specially handcrafted by our Founder with selected ingredients and freshly made in small batches to ensure freshness and integrity. Premium ingredients like essential oils, carrier oils, and butter are used along with special handcraft techniques that cannot be used in large-scale manufacturing. This enables us to make Special High-End Formulations for those who want to indulge in Aromatherapy and Holistic Living.  


Contains fatty acids like palmitic, oleic, etc.; it is an excellent emollient & moisturizer for the skin, scalp & hair. It is a "refatting" agent, melts quickly in body temperature & absorbs rapidly into the skin. It’s recommended for repairing dry, inflamed skin. It helps tissue cell regeneration with UV anti-erythematic activity prevents photo-aging. It also boosts Collagen production by preventing TEWL with water binding capacity. It is Excellent for wound healing & soothing.  


Cocoa is an anti-aging agent and an essential source of vitamin E & many fatty acids. Cocoa components with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory activities effectively provide photoprotection & maintain skin health. Cocoa has great potential not only for the treatment of skin diseases but also for their prevention. Polyphenols & Theobromine positively affect skin elasticity and prevent photodamage & wrinkle formation. Antioxidants neutralize oxidative stress and premature skin aging. 


Rich in Geranium and Rose Essential Oils, this Body butter has extra potential effects on the skin. Rose Oil is suitable for all skin types, especially mature, dry, sensitive & aging skin. The tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries with soothing effects. It's helpful for some allergies & acne, too. The photoprotective potential and antioxidants of Geranium Oil help to clear dull, rough skin, wrinkles, and dark spots associated with prolonged exposure to the sun. 


Excellent source of enrichment for dry, damaged, or chapped skin with fatty acid components like linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid & linolenic acid. The phenolic contents of Olive Oil have antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to heal wounds & in dermal reconstruction. Rich in Vitamin A, Avocado Oil has moisturizing, antioxidant & emollient effects, keeping the skin healthy by Increasing collagen production during wound healing.