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Slimming & Toning Body Oil Non-Sticky & Quick Absorbing for Hip, Thighs, Buttocks & Abdomen, Anti Cellulite, Tightens Loose Skin Relaxing & Even Skin

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Designed especially for Slimming and Toning the body, keeping in mind specific targeted areas. Light, Non-sticky, Quick Absorbing Slimming & Toning Body Oil with Refreshing & Lemony Aroma, reduce accumulated fat or Cellulite & tightens loose skin with the help of an accurate blend of Lemon Grass, Grapefruit & Lemon Essential Oils with Almond Oil. Massaging with this Oil removes toxins from the body, destroying the fat cells, & making skin hydrated & Soft, resulting in a relaxed Body, Firm & Thin shaped & Luminous Skin. 


Grapefruit is a valuable oil for a lymphatic stimulant. It affects obesity and water retention, and its diuretic properties could help with cellulite. As an aid in a weight-reducing diet, it stimulates bile secretion helping with digestion & fats. Lemon grass helps to eliminate lactic acid & has toning effects on muscles. Lemon removes impurities & causes fat cells to shrink & reduces weight.


Lemmon grass Essential Oil helps tighten loose skin. Its toning effect on muscles may help with loose skin due to dieting or lack of exercise. Almond Oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2 & B6 & a high percentage of mono & polyunsaturated fatty acids. Fatty acids keep skin hydrated. It also contains Vitamin E, which protects & nourishes the skin by improving the binding of Collagen & Elastin fibers making skin flexible, firm & tight. 


Lemongrass gives a good tone to the skin & effective in open pores, balances oily skin conditions & clears Acne. Lemon gives brightening effects to the pale & dull complexion by removing dead skin cells and clearing greasiness from the skin. Grapefruit is good for Acne, congested skin & oily skin. Almond oil makes skin hydrated & it calms the irritation caused by dryness & dehydration. It improves the binding of Collagen & Elastin fibers. As an emollient, LLP forms a barrier on the skin & prevents moisture loss. It works well on all skin types offering smoothness & softness. 


Grapefruit relieves migraine, tiredness, pre-menstrual tension & discomfort during pregnancy with its soothing & relaxing effects. Lemon has Refreshing & Cooling effects when feeling hot & bothered, which relaxes the mind, and relieves Headaches & Migraines. Lemongrass is stimulating, reviving & energizing essential oil, useful in states of exhaustion & lifts the spirits & gets things moving again. It helps to relieve pain, clear headaches & reduce fatigue, giving relaxing effects to the body.