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Daily Essential Skin Care with Deep Conditioning Honey

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  • Honey is a miraculous liquid produced from the nectar of flowers by the action of honeybees. It provides multiple nutritional & curative benefits owing to its chemical composition & physical properties, which depend on floral source, geographical origin, processing & storage. The principal carbohydrate constituents of honey are fructose & glucose. Water is the second most crucial component. Honey contains about 200 substances. All Honey-derived ingredients function as skin-conditioning agents.
  •  A high carbohydrate content, fruit acids & trace elements are responsible for its healthy and regenerative effects. Due to its ability to kill bacteria, reduce pain & inflammation and promote collagen deposition Honey has a potential role in tissue engineering and regeneration. Honey contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other minor components and soothes skin irritations; it is a good cosmetic for chapped lips, rough, cracked hands, and frostbites.
  • Honey’s toning, relaxing, and conditioning effects are related to the high content of simple sugars and the presence of essential oils and elements. Due to the presence of flavonoids, honey can also play a vital role in sun protection by preventing skin irritation. It has hygroscopic properties, absorbing metabolites & causing detoxification of the dermal tissue. This result is an increase in skin tension, improvement of elasticity, revitalising its colour & smoothing out wrinkles.
  • Honey can be used as a peeling agent on age spots, scars and dark patches as it has exfoliating power. It has anti-bacterial properties & helps remove existing acne. As a natural humectant, it helps keep the skin hydrated & plump, very effective for dry, dehydrated & flaky skin types. Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey is an effective honey-derived ingredient & is a conditioning agent & has twice moisture-binding capabilities.
  • With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties, Honey helps in hair loss & baldness. Nourishing & repairing qualities and as a humectant honey helps bind moisture to the hair shaft, reducing frizziness & split ends and re-establishing flexibility and elasticity. Research said with antibacterial, antifungal & antioxidant activities and high nutrient value, topical application of Honey manages seborrheic dermatitis & dandruff by reducing itching, scaling & healing lesions.