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Alopex Penta Active Hair Fall Control Shampoo with Biotin & Pro-Vitamin B5- Promotes New Hair Growth & Reduces Hair Loss, For Men & Women

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  • Vitamin Enriched Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 

A Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Biotin enriched Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo for Men & Women with Nature-Derived Actives that Revive Hair & Helps in New Hair Growth.

  • Improved Hair Health

Biotin prevents hair loss by improving Keratin Infrastructure; Vitamin E with Antioxidants Protects hair from breakage & adds Shine, Pro-Vitamin B5 prevents dry hair & scalp by keeping it Moisturized. The Amino Acids help promote new hair growth.

  • All-Inclusive Hair Fall Control Shampoo 

Powered with Lavender Essential Oil, the Hair Loss Control Shampoo is effective at New Hair Growth Treatment; Honey Moisturizes and Restores Shine; Tannic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Amino Acid Composites Help Smoothen and Strengthen Hair; Liponate SB-50 Conditions Hair; no side effects.

  • How To Use

Pour a generous dollop on the palm of your hand; apply lightly on wet scalp & hair; leave on for 1-2 minutes; wash off with plenty of water; repeat if needed. 


Formulated with Vitamin E, B5 & Biotin: Scalp & Hair Essential Nutrients 

A blend of Pure Essential Oil, Honey, and Health-Giving Vitamins imbued in a brand-new formula for preventing hair fall, Boosting New Hair Growth, and Promoting overall Hair Health & Appearance. Also contains Follicusan, the Hair-Growth Promoter and Anti-Dandruff Agent Vitalizes Scalp Cells and prevents premature hair loss. The Shampoo for Hair Fall Control is recommended for Men & Women and it’s free from side effects.    

Tannic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Amino Acid Composites

They Strengthen the Hair's Skin Roots, Protect hair from damage, and keep it Moisturized. 


One of the most vital Vitamins for reducing hair loss, Promoting Hair Growth, and Hair Health.   

Vitamin E 

With Antioxidants, it reduces cell damage and Improves Hair Growth.   

Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) 

Coats and Seals in Moisture by Binding Hair Follicles and adds Shine and Softness to Hair.  


Considered a Natural Remedy, Honey reduces frizz, Improves the condition of Natural Hair, and brings Shine to Hair.  

Lavender Essential Oil 

A one-stop remedy for hair woes, it can contribute to the Growth of Cells while reducing stress.   

Liponate SB-50

This liquid form of Shea Butter keeps skin and hair Soft.