Alopex Tristar Hair Treatment Oil

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Ingredients: A blend of essential oils ofYlangYlang(Canangaodorata), Marjoram (Origanummajorana), Neroli (Citrus aurantium), Clary Sage(Salvia sclarea)& carrier oil of Castor & Jojoba along with Natural moisturizers.

 A unique 3-layer hair treatment oil for hair nourishment& growt

 The first layer prevents premature hair greying, split ends, roughness & hair breakage

The second layer arrests hair fall, controls dandruff

The third layer helps in inducing new hair growth

Nourishes hair roots& shafts, promotes hair health, improves overall appearance of hair

This is an unique 3-layer hair treatment oil that provides effective solution to certain incurable hair problems. • Its 1st layer nourishes hair and scalp to prevent problem like breakage, roughness and split ends, • 2nd layer arrests hair fall and dandruff, and • The 3rd layer induces new hair growth


In accordance with the problem lightly massage the scalp with any one Alopex (Alopex, Alopex Tristar, Alopex Penta) once every night. Ensure that the oil is used at the root of hair. Use of Root Active Hair Vitalizer once every day is also suggested. To keep the scalp free of dust, use Shine and Silk Shampoo twice every week.

A unique aromatherapy based hair oil

Some essential oils have excellent ability to cure common hair & scalp problems. AlopexTristar harnesses the power of these “soul molecules” of nature & ensures hair care that is easy & effective. A perfect blend ofessential oils ofYlangYlang (Canangaodorata), Marjoram (Origanummajorana), Neroli (Citrus aurantium) & Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) nourishes hair roots, boosts circulation in the scalp& helps in keeping the scalp free from infections like dandruff. Jojoba oil works as a natural moisturizer whilecastor oil helps in hair growth & ensures maximum hair nourishment.

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