Rosemary Essential Oil Natural Therapeutic Grade, Hair Loss Control & Regrowth, Refreshing Fragrance 10ml | Essential Oil – Keya Seth Aromatherapy

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Rosemary Essential Oil, Natural Therapeutic Grade, Hair Growth, Hair Fall Control & Nourishment, Even Skin Tone 10ml

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  • AROMA & PROPERTIES: Rosemary takes its name from the Latin Rosmarinus or sea dew, as it is rather fond of water. It has been found in Egyptian tombs, and indeed the Greeks and Romans saw it as a symbol of regeneration. It has a strong, clear, penetrating, refreshing herbal fragrance. It has Analgesic, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Astringent, Digestive Diuretic, Hypertensive, Stimulant, Stomachic, and Tonic. Its Rejuvenating used it as a face wash in her advanced years used it as a face wash in her advanced years properties seem to have worked for donna Isabella, the Queen of Hungary, who, in ho, in her advanced years, used it, used it a face wash. it is a face wash. (Sellar, 1992)
  • MIND: Rosemary Oil is also an excellent brain stimulant; it is used where there is loss or reduction of functions, such as loss of smell, where the sensory nerves have been affected. Ophelia in ‘Hamlet’ says there’s rosemary for remembrance, and Rosemary has long had the reputation of improving memory. Inhaling a few drops of this oil produces a feeling of great mental clarity, which undoubtedly aids all thought processes and has pain -relieving agent without being too sedative. The infusion of leaves is perceived to have tonic, antitussive, anti-asthmatic, cholagogues choleretic, Carminative, Stomachic, antispasmodic, febrifuge, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic and anti-neuralgic properties. (Anton C. de Groot, 2016)
  • SKIN: Rosemary has therapeutic properties and has been used in folk medicine. It is rich in terpenes which help soothe the irritation and redness of the skin. Its antioxidants protect against damage caused by free radicals and promote healthy skin. It helps balance the sebum secretion of the skin and reduce acne breakouts and the appearance of blemishes on the skin. It increases circulation and fluid retention throughout the body and reduces puffiness. It has Natural Astringent properties that help to improve the tonicity and texture of the skin, also helps attain an even skin tone.
  • HAIR: According to NIH (National Library of Medicine) research (Margot Loussouarn, 2017) Rosemary Oil contains a high amount of Carnosic acid, which helps to heal nerve damage tissue damage and improve cellular turnover. Therefore, it encourages nerve growth and improves blood circulation.  the follicles do not get the nutrients they need to grow the hair and can die off without a proper blood supply good circulation is essential to hair growth because, without a proper blood supply, the follicles do not get the nutrients they need to grow the hair and can die off. A study by (Yunes Panahi,, 2015) states that rosemary oil's clinical efficacy in treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA) compared its effects with minoxidil 2% and finding is that the results appeared similar after six months. Author Patricia Davis wrote in her Book “Aromatherapy An A-Z ” the follicles do not get the nutrients they need to grow the hair and can die off without a proper blood supply (Davis, 1988) that it is used in rinsing water for dark hair and as scalp friction, which is valuable for excessive hair loss and also restores color to grey hair and even to cure baldness.
  • BODY: A pain-relieving agent helps ease gout, arthritic pain, and tired muscles without being overly sedating. A valuable heart tonic and cardiac stimulant normalize low blood pressure. Probably has a good on anemia. A tonic for the lungs and can help with colds, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and Influenza. It acts as a liver decongestant and can help relieve hepatitis, cirrhosis, gallstones, jaundice, or bile duct blockage. A boost acting on digestion could ease colitis dyspepsia, flatulence, and stomach pains. It relieves menstrual cramps and scanty combat periods. Its diuretic properties are helpful with water retention during menstruation and may be effective with cellulite and obesity.

The Common name for this plant, Rosemary, Comes from the Latin Rosmarinus which means dew of the sea’ Bushes of this aromatic herb are to be found growing wild in Mediterranean regions, often quite close to the sea shore. Its history dates back to its use by the ancient Egyptians and its revered status symbol of love and death, In the religious ceremonies and funeral rites of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Therapeutically it has been in use for hundreds of years, valued for its antiseptic and invigorating properties.

Part of the Plant Used: Flowering Tops

Methods of extraction: Steam distillation

Volatility: Top Note

Principal constituents: Cineol, Borneol, Pinene

The essential oil of Rosemary is noted for its strong antiseptic and stimulating properties. It is also a gentle analgesic and regulator that helps to balance the body and mind. It has a slightly camphoraceous, warm, pungent aroma.

Emotional: Stimulating and astringent; stimulates the memory, clears the mind, and helps to relieve headaches, migraines, and general fatigue. Used in inhalations, Vaporizers, baths, applications, or massage.

Respiratory: Antiseptic and antispasmodic; relieves coughs, colds and flu. Used in inhalations, compresses or massage.

Skin: Cleansing and stimulating helps to prevent dandruff and hair loss. Used in rinses, applications or massage.

Digestive:  Antiseptic and gas/wind relieving helps indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colitis, gastroenteritis, and stomach pains; also stimulates the liver. used in compresses application or massage.

Circulatory: Tonic and astringent; helps in low blood pressure, improves circulation, and reduces lymphatic congestion; relieves fluid retention cellulite, and varicose veins Used in bath application or massaged.

Muscular: Gentle analgesic without sedative effects; relieves general aches and pains, sprains, and arthritis. Used in compresses applications or massage.

Gynecological: Stimulating and normalizing; Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.  Used in bath application or massage.